Taken from Nahum 1, the phrase “in whirlwind in storm” is used to describe the execution of God’s judgment against Nineveh.  “In whirlwind and storm He has His way…” we are told.  In this we see that when God’s judgment comes in finality, it is as if a storm and tornado were to descend upon His enemies.  The imagery compounds the powerlessness a man feels in the midst of a dangerous and threatening storm.  Men can run, they can attempt to hide, but they cannot at all stop the impending disaster.

In our modern age, it is an uncomfortable thing to consider God in all His might.  We convince ourselves of many untruths regarding Him.  We magnify His love so as to eclipse His wrath.  We stress His mercy so that His justice is muted.  We become repetitive over those attributes we consider harmless and helpful, but at most merely mention those which exalt Him and cause our hearts to tremble, and that with a sense of apology.

This blog aims at writing about history, theology, politics, and all manners of disciplines with the purpose of always reminding that the world is the Lord’s and all that is contained therein.

The writers of this blog are Mike Porter and Kevin Miller.

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